How Just Showing Up can Heal You and Your Community

Here at Revolution, we're all about showing up. That's what we did at a local women’s emergency shelter, the YWCA, in 2014.

We started meeting with the women there and would braid hair, paint nails and listen. Many of the women at the shelter mentioned they had not had positive interaction in a long time.

It became apparent very quickly that as well as housing, food and other basic needs, these women needed supportive community.

We saw the huge impact that showing up for our neighbors had. Not just for the women at the shelter, but for us as well, recognizing we are all women who experience joy, pain and everything in between.

Regardless of status, we all have inherent worth. We found our purpose in proving this over and over again, by showing up, by creating, and by encouraging one another.

From volunteering at the shelter, and seeing the need for community and transitional employment, we grew into a social enterprise offering minimalist jewelry made by women pursuing futures defined by hope.

You can take a look at to see more of what we have to offer you.

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