Overcoming the Pain of the Past

It is the human experience to face pain, hurts, and discomforts. Often, the pain that we cause ourselves can be the most difficult to overcome. However, there is evidence all around for new beginnings as mirrored through nature. To witness hope in our own lives, we have to accept what was. And as seasons change, so do the opportunities for slow regeneration.

The present moment offers hope. By embracing the present moment, the choice to live differently from a day, an hour, or a second ago can lead to peace.

Shame, guilt, and feelings of unworthiness can be distractions. Take the spiraling thoughts and offer them up to a different mode of being. The past can only hold you accountable if you continue repeating it. Seek actions that develop the new. 

Community it not the sole solution, but it does help. It can be easy to anxiously retreat to or away from community during painful times. But community can help establish a sense of restoration and belonging. Peaceful work, joyful play, and kind or helpful words are all necessary for human thriving.