Work and Relationships: Primitive Aras Offer Understanding

What is work? When we analyze the evolution of what work is today from mankind's humble beginnings, we're amazed. Long gone are the days where most communities and families survive through the cultivation of their own farming or hunting. Our contemporary systems of work have made the process and understanding, actually, confusing, in many ways.

Naturally, we have compassion on the displacement of individuals who have misunderstood their purpose because of our complex systems of modern family and illusions of progress.

Revaluating our purpose and whom we serve helps eliminate our striving.

Here at Revolution, we're in the business of taking care of our sisters. When we look at it that way, it's much easier to understand what our work is about. Our sisters want to feel beautiful, loved, extended with compassion. That's what a gift of jewelry does. That's all we're doing. Just showing our sisters we love them.

This perspective takes us back to the roots of community living.

We imagine ourselves on a small farm 1,000 years ago.

Our sister is tired from a long day gathering and cultivating the rigid ground. It's our job to make her something thoughtful, refreshing her soul and restoring her sense of her own beauty.

That is our work, true in imagination from many years ago, and true to the reality of why we create today.

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