BARE Collection

The strong, yet flexible, material of the Bare Collection is here to remind you that you are enough as you are in the present moment. Our natural desire as humans is to expand and grow, to reach our potential, to flourish relationally as well as individually. The Bare Collection represents the foundation of where this all starts, just as you are. Never forget, you’re beautiful now.

BELIEVE Collection

Our beliefs shape our world. What we believe is powerful. Moving us closer or further away from growth, what you believe matters–in your life and in the lives of others. Focus on the assurance of what is good in action, uplifting in spirit, and edifying in self. We believe in you.

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GATHERING Collection

This collection is made up of tri-tone metals with a continuous circle throughout each item, symbolic of the harmonious community made when diversity of background, talent, and perspective collaborate to bring dreams into fruition.

JOURNEY Collection

This collection reminds us that we’re all on a journey. The bead reflects our logo, symbolizing forward motion and change, which happens when we show up for each other. Jewelry for women, by women.

Leather Collection


For the woman who is bright, bold, clear, and direct. The woman who lights up a room because she can be counted on to show up. It takes courage to stand strong through the storms and continue to hold peace. Whether you’re on a mountain top, in a valley, or by the sea, be honest with where you are and shine anyway. Your light can encourage another woman to shine her light too. And so the world gets that much brighter. #shinewhereyouare

Limited Edition

LOTUS Collection

The Lotus flower begins its journey humbly through deep mud and murky waters. The flower is a symbol of enlightenment, self-regeneration, and rebirth. Its long-suffering voyage through the mud represents our lives; we may go through trials, but those trials forge our character, allowing us to bloom unsullied from our past circumstances.


NOMAD Collection

A nomad moves with intention and content. Whether you’re finding yourself change from place to place physically or emotionally, this collection is here to remind you to embrace the transition knowing you are capable of moving through your circumstance with graceful strength.

Sterling Silver