How A Social Enterprise’s New Jewelry Piece Promotes a Different Take on Self Care

LANCASTER, PA OCTOBER - 2020 Revolution Lancaster is releasing their new Collective Care Pendant this month. In a world where ‘self care’ is a phrase we know to represent bubble baths and manicures, the Collective Care pendant represents the healing that takes place when we embrace one another. As the holiday season approaches in an unprecedented year -- this pendant is a special gift idea for the strong woman in any community. 

Revolution Lancaster, founded in 2011, is a social enterprise based in the heart of Lancaster County, PA. Their mission is to provide a supportive community and supplemental income to women experiencing homelessness or facing barriers. The social enterprise holds weekly workshops where each piece of jewelry is handcrafted by one of Revolution’s Makers -- a woman who is or was formerly experiencing homelessness. Jewelry is then sold online -- via retail and wholesale, or through socially distanced in-person markets. 

Revolution’s new release this year is a sterling silver hand-stamped pendant on a graceful chain. The Collective Care Pendant “represents the healing that happens when we support each other.” The design, created by Destiny Stoltzfus depicts a woman embracing herself. The description explains “ we show compassion for those around us, we begin to experience renewed compassion for ourselves. This cycle of collective care creates chains of love that carry us through the struggles of life.” 

The mantra of  ‘self care’ is known well by women as something provided individually for yourself when life is stressful. However, the Makers and Community of Revolution wanted to convey that collective care is something altogether different. Karen, one of Revolution’s Makers explains, “The body cares for and supports others in the group. The focus is off the individual only and on those around the individual as well. Collective Care is about each other.”

The pendant will launch to the greater public via an online release party on Instagram October 23, 2020 from 5:15pm - 6:00pm. 

Revolution Lancaster was Founded in 2011. They were participants in the 2012 Great Social Enterprise Pitch via Assets Lancaster. They were 2020 Awardees for Fine Living Lancaster’s Innovator of the Year. They have been featured in Darling Magazine. 


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