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An Artist’s desire to support fellow Makers inspires a new Mural in South East Lancaster City 

Lancaster, PA NOVEMBER 2020 --- The ExtraGive 2020 will look a little different this year as in-person events will not be the central feature as they have in the past. This isn’t stopping community members and non-profits from thinking creatively and collaboratively. Painting artist and Muralist Maria Tomassetti is planning a mural installation at Hillrise Apartments on November 20th as part of Revolution Lancaster’s ExtraGive fundraising efforts. 

“Events like the Extraordinary Give are wells of possibility,” says Maria Tomassetti. “I gain energy when heads collide to think creatively. Events offer the reason to brainstorm engaging strategies to fundraise, promote, or highlight incredible efforts.”

Tomassetti planned a mural design for the social enterprise, Revolution, because she is on a mission to support and expose fellow makers in Lancaster. “I often hear, ‘Art and craft aren’t necessities in life’, but for makers, they are. Art and craft are indicators of the health of any society--it’s valuable to elevate them during a time of vulnerability.” Tomassetti explains that despite the ongoing pandemic and other challenges, the opportunity to use skills as a maker is something that can bring people together. 

Revolution Lancaster is a social enterprise that provides supportive community and supplemental income to its Makers -- women who were previously or are currently experiencing homelessness. Workshops are held every week at the YWCA of Lancaster where their Makers handcraft jewelry that is then sold at local retailers and online. With the increase of those who have lost their homes this year, Revolution has an overall goal to raise $30,000 during the ExtraGive. These donations will allow them to build capacity to train more women from local homeless shelters to create meaningful jewelry, offering them confidence and hope for their future. Tomassetti has been familiar with Revolution since it was founded in 2014 and notes, “I believe in these women, in their craft, and the mission for purposeful community and personal growth.”

“Murals are collaborative by their nature, bringing a diverse set of people together to reach a goal,” says Tomassetti. She connected with John Suarez of Hillrise Apartments to see if their location would be a fit. Hillrise was enthusiastic about it. “Revolution Lancaster appealed to Hillrise Mutual Housing Board of Directors and Management in that they are giving needed hope and purpose to the homeless women here in Lancaster.  We at Hillrise are here to provide housing to low-income families and this is an activity that we are proud to be in partnership with” explains Suarez.

The mural will be installed on November 20th -- the day of The Extraordinary Give at Hillrise Apartments (455 Rockland Street) in South East Lancaster City. Tomassetti explains that the mural’s theme is “Revolution of the Heart”. “The figure is blooming from the heart. When her heart was once like a stone, it’s being transformed to life.” John Suarez at Hillrise is excited about the awareness it will bring and notes, “By doing this during the ExtraGive event, we are confident that this will bring awareness of the problems affecting the homeless women in Lancaster and it is also our hope that this will encourage others to help with this effort.”

Revolution Lancaster will post the progress of the mural on social media throughout the day. PPG Paints has graciously donated paint and supplies. For information on how you can contribute with a brush on November 20th contact Maria Tomassetti 

Tomassetti has set a goal to raise $8,700 for Revolution the day of ExtraGive. Her giving page is here. 

Revolution Lancaster was Founded in 2014. They were participants in the 2015 Great Social Enterprise Pitch via Assets Lancaster. They were 2020 Awardees for Fine Living Lancaster’s Innovator of the Year. They have been featured in Darling Magazine. For more information about Revolution visit their website or email

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"Revolution of the Heart" mural sketch by Maria Tomassetti

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