Hope: The Driver of Action

Hope is a driving force that helps us take action into a foreseeable future.

Even when there appears to be no evidence of a positive outcome of a particular situation, hope can be there to combat negative emotions and unlikely circumstances. Hope implies even when there is no way, there is a way.

A perspective of hope steers action.

Discipline is a big part of hope. Discipline simply means repeating actions that prove results. Future events will always be unknown, but discipline puts actions into history, leaving steps of past evidence to predict a foreseeable future. Hope is a roadmap that paves a path for action to fall into place.

Hope says, 


There is a solution.


Problems are meant to be solved.


A situation does not need to stay the same. 


Mistakes lead to greater understanding, even wisdom.


If the last experiment did not work, I have learned from what will work.


Taking actions in alignment with the goal will lead to greater understanding.