Revolution is committed to providing supportive community and supplemental income to women affected by homelessness or facing barriers. These are the amazing team members who help make that happen!


Tasha Nankerville - Executive Director
Justina Godfrey - Jewelry Designer (owner of SolidWerks)


Board Members 


Angel Ludwig - Board Chair
Director of Organizational Development, Simon Lever


Ina Bunnell - Board Secretary/Community Night Director
Advertising consultant, Engle Printing and Publishing Co., Inc.


Cherie Cryer - Board Treasurer
CPA, Simon Lever


Jocelyn Engle - Board Member
Publisher, Engle Printing and Publishing Co., Inc.


Charissa Gift - Board Member/Co-Founder
HR Director, Astro Machine


Beth Schwartz - Board Member/Co-Founder
Founder and CEO, BKS Consulting


Laura Rothacker - Board Member


Betsy Basom - Board Member

Project Administrator and Assistant Designer, Black Forest Design and Build