making a difference together

Your purchase supports real people in real ways.
We are a registered non-profit social enterprise based in Lancaster, PA offering two programs.

jewelry workshop

We work with our local homeless shelter, Water Street Mission, and YWCA to recruit women into our program. Each piece of jewelry reflects the inherent worth women possess. We train our Makers, the women in our program, to craft jewelry beautifully. Once trained, Makers are paid per piece of jewelry they create and typically leave each jewelry workshop with between $10-$40 cash. This income generation provides bus fare, groceries, and may be the only earned income they receive in a week. We learned to see beyond circumstance and offer relationships and work that build dignity and hope. The pride and ownership of crafting jewelry is empowering, and our workshop is designed to be a beautiful space to create in. Music is always playing, and we start each workshop with journaling and a few moments of quiet mindfulness. Our goal is to give the gift of presence through consistent relationships and open hands.

community night

We show up for an hour every Wednesday evening to do crafts and have conversation with women living at Water Street Mission. We seek to build bridges by being a part of others’ restorative journey. Childcare is provided, and this may be the only time the women have to themselves, without their children, in any given week. We laugh, converse, listen and create. Creating is such a huge part of allowing for authentic conversations to happen.

What does “women facing barriers” mean?

Although most of the women in our programs find us when they are experiencing homelessness, there are other barriers, including abuse, trauma, disability and mental health, that affect a woman from being able to return to the workplace. We welcome any women facing these barriers and seek to be a stepping stone on their journey as we help them conquer their next goal.

Sourcing + Materials


The BARE line (the sterling silver option is also made from recycled materials!

Gold-filled materials (all but two of the gold-filled hardware and metal items)

Leather in the single and triple leather wrap bracelets and double wrap choker


Our translucent bags are 100% biodegradable, 100% recyclable and sourced from 100% sustainability managed forests


All of the metal hardware is 14k gold-filled or sterling silver, both of which are hypoallergenic and nickel-free. The only exception is the hardware in the keychain which is brass.

Raw materials purchased from: Halstead, Etsy - Goldfilled Creations, Rio Grande, Tierracast, Buckle Guy, Kentucky Leather and Hide, Hide and Leather House, Leather Cord USA.