Jewelry for Women, By Women

Revolution provides supportive community and supplemental income to women affected by homelessness or facing barriers.  

our journey

We came from humble beginnings; our founders simply showed up at a women’s emergency shelter at our local YWCA in 2014. They would braid hair, paint nails and listen. Many of the women at the shelter mentioned they had not had positive physical touch in a long time. It became apparent very quickly that as well as housing, food and other basic needs, these women needed community.

We saw the huge impact that showing up for our neighbors had. Not just for the women at the shelter, but for us as well, recognizing we are all women who experience joy, pain and everything in between. Regardless of status, we all have inherent worth.

From volunteering at the shelter, and seeing the need for community and transitional employment, we grew into a non-profit social enterprise.

Love Well

See beyond circumstance and offer relationships and work that build dignity and hope

Connect Deeply

Build bridges by being a part of others' restorative journey

Quality Craftsmanship

Craft beautiful jewelry that reflects the inherent worth women possess

Show Up

Give the gift of presence through consistent relationships and open hands

Patient Endurance

Life is a journey, and we are on meaningful stop on the way

Stronger Together

We build strength by believing the best in others and standing together