4 Reasons We Love that Sterling Silver Jewelry is Trending for 2023

Sterling silver is kicking off 2023 in style. This year, silver has dominated spring collections as it is modern and versatile. Here we're sharing some reasons we love silver.

Sterling silver:

1. Looks good on you. 

Seriously, all skin tones find their complement in sterling. We find silver always pops on the body. It wears well with simple patterns and dark colors but, don’t be tied to any set fashion standards – with silver anything goes. Mix it with other metals and layer it abundantly. Its affordable price makes these options achievable.

Pictured: Bare Bracelet in Silver

2. Is solid. 

Unlike gold-filled jewelry, sterling silver is a solid metal. You can wear it all day every day without concern about exposing a different layer of metal underneath. It’s still subject to scratches and dents as it’s a fairly soft metal so wear it with care.

Pictured: Believe Necklace and Believe Earrings

3. Reveals a unique charm with age.

If you’re concerned about tarnishing, place your jewelry in an airtight bag when you’re not wearing it. It’s the exposure to oxygen and sulfur particles in the air that begin to turn your silver black. However, it can become an endearing feature. Use a polishing cloth to remove tarnish on the high points and allow the patina of age to remain in some areas. This creates a beautiful contrast allowing a new expression of your jewelry to emerge.

Pictured: Collective Care Necklace

4. Fits any occasion. 

Sterling silver jewelry has been a popular choice for both casual and formal wear. It's a timeless and classic option that can be paired with any outfit. From dainty silver necklaces to chunky silver rings, there's a piece of sterling silver jewelry for everyone and every moment.

 Pictured: Limited Edition Lotus Collection

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