We have big dreams to grow nationwide along the emergency shelter circuit; helping women transition into a healthier place of living, alleviating the cycle of poverty, and breaking the bias of people who have suffered from a lack of resources.

Before we do so, we need to create a sustainable system locally. Over the next 12 months, we're looking to expand our marketing reach to increase sales and to increase our paid workforce, as well as, secure a new studio space that allows for greater production and storage of new jewelry products.

We have jewelry launches every quarter.  For Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter we work with a local professional jeweler.  They come in to brainstorm with the Makers (the women we serve). The Makers love being a part of the process and they get to see various jewelry techniques. Each launch requires us to pay for cost of materials, tools, and training.

The vision in the next 5 years


  • Empower 30-40 Makers -- developing their personal agency through our skills training and transitional work program
  • Employ 3-5 full-time staff, 2 part-time staff, and 1 internship opportunity
  • Enhance volunteer community
  • Enact mentorship program for Makers 


  • Implement 50% increase in sales per year
  • Increase Maker pay from 9% of revenue to 14%
  • Intensify wholesale to support 40-60 retail businesses nationwide
  • Instate sustainable social enterprise model


  • Expand supply chain transparency
  • Execute responsible consumer recycling program

We are grateful for our volunteers, donors, and customers. We appreciate every social media share, every purchase, and every supporter during markets and big events like, the ExtraOrdinary Give Lancaster.

Your generosity allows for greater actionable impact in our community and provides for the success of our vision. We are making a difference together.

To hope and healing, thank you.


Love, Revolution