Revolution's Birthday: Celebrating 7 Years in 2022

Revolution began in 2014 with a group of friends volunteering at the Winter Emergency Shelter in Lancaster, PA. The women's shelter provided for women's basic needs including a place to stay, food, and clothing. The friends noticed consistent community was also a need that wasn't necessarily being met. By just showing up on a regular basis, the friends discovered what the women were desiring help with, and that included things like skill building to help them enter the workforce, mindset shifts to help them overcome difficulties, and positive connection. By way of meeting together, the friends, and the women, had a place to belong, heal, and grow. 

After meeting with women at the local shelter, the friends decided to start a barrier-reducing, social enterprise to respond to the need for employment and community.

In March of 2015, Revolution entered the Great Social Enterprise Pitch with Assets Lancaster and the Lancaster County Community Foundation. Through a 12-week incubator session, Revolution engaged in infrastructure development, created a Board of Directors, designed a sustainable model for a jewelry making business, and obtained a 501c3 status for Revolution. Oversight of the vision, core values, and mission statement helped position Revolution to officially begin jewelry and skill building workshops held at Water Street Mission in October 2015.

Revolution social enterprise aims to empower women experiencing homeless through supportive job training and income generation. Revolution is a stepping-stone for women experiencing homelessness by breaking down barriers and providing hope and confidence in a path to self-sufficiency. 

Core Values

Love Well: See beyond circumstance and offer relationships and work that build dignity and hope

Connect Deeply: Build bridges by being a part of others' restorative journey

Quality Craftsmanship: Craft beautiful jewelry that reflects the inherent worth women possess

Show up: Give the gift of presence through consistent relationships and open hands

Patient Endurance: Life is a journey, and we are on meaningful stop on the way

Stronger Together: We build strength by believing the best in others and standing together


Edited 2022